Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LANARTE kits coming soon!!

Can you hear us jumping up and down for joy??  Soon LANARTE cross stitch kits will be coming through our doors!!!!

Do you have any favorites?  Let us know.

Hope that many of you enjoyed my review of the JCS Halloween Collection Bookazine.  Next time I will be sure to put pictures in it. 

How is the Halloween stitching coming?  I still have to find a couple of projects to start.  Which ones are you stitching?

We really enjoy hearing from you!  Your comments make our site worthwhile.  Drop us a note just to say "Hello" or let us know what you are looking for, or give us tips on what you wish to see on our site.  We are a young shop looking to serve your needs.

Friendly stitches to all!
Thomas and Maria


cucki said...

yup..i love lanarte kits so much..my fav one is two ladies standing next to byicycle..and the lady reading a book..(not sure with the names)
keep well..love and hugs xx

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Hi Cucki:

Yes, I know those. They are pretty. Right now my faves are the barnyard animals. They are small quick stitches and they look so French Country.

By the way, I tried posting on a comment on your blog, but it would not post.

Thanks for passing by and your reply.

Love and hugs,