Thursday, September 1, 2011

JCS Halloween Issue ... Let's see it together Part 2

I'm back.  A couple of hours after they came through the door, all of our orders are on their way to their new owners. I had lots of fun, putting them in the envelopes, since they have been prepared for a while.  Hubby took them to the post-office and soon our friends will be just as happy as I am right now.

So, let's see some more.... I promise, I didn't peek ahead....

Page 36-37 Chapter Pages for "A Spooky, Ghouly, Hair-Raising Night

Page 38  Count Black Heart (Jenmini Designs) 10"x10" Ornament size stitched on black Lugana. Count Dracula in purple, red, green and black floss with black cat button.

Page 39 The Witch is In (Cherished Stitches) 8"x9" on 35ct Weeks Dye Works.  Simple letter stitching.  Quick stitch, 4 purple bats.

Page 40 - Fraidy Cat (Knotted Tree Needleart) 9"x9" 30 ct linen from R & R Reproductions. Black cat, arched back . Block border.  Great for a quick stitch.

Pages 40-41 Double Trouble - (The Victoria Sampler) 8"x6" 28 ct linen from Zweigart.  Jack-o-lantern with two mice around it and a spider swinging from thread connected to spiderweb.

Page 42 - Ms. Blue Moon (Charlette's Collectibles) 8"x11" 14ct clear plastic from Yarn Tree.  Green witch, purple & orange witches hat beaded hair.  Classic Halloween witch, wart and all.

Page 43 - Halloween Cat (SamSarah Studio) 4"x4" perforated paper.  Classic black cat/ Perfect for quick ornament exchange.

Page 44 - Pumpkins Everywhere (The Prairie Schooler) 10"x10" Black Aida. 10 Jack-o-lanterns in a block formation against black bacground.  Perfect for quick ornament exchanges.

Page 45 - The Witch is Me (Amy Bruecken Designs) 12"x10" Putty linen from Weeks Dye Works.  Witches bust, green face, striped black and purple witches hat with a pumpkin on it.  Uses DMC Memory Thread. (cool accent).

Pages 46-49 Haunted House (Sharon Pope) 18"x16" stitched on Picture This Plus. Snapshot of a Haunted House complete with tombstones on the lawn, haunted tree, spooky ghost, owl, witch on a broom, bat, black cat, black crow and mysterious eyes in the tree against the backdrop of a full moon.

Page 50-51 Eyeball earrings (Casey Buonaugurio Designs) 5"x5" 28ct Monaco from Charles Craft / DMC.  Two green eyed monster eyeballs with chrome bottle cap pendants as the background.  A sure conversation starter at a Halloween party.

Pages 52-55 October Feather Tree (Not Forgotten Farm) 16"x14" 18ct. white Aida from Zweigart.  Primitive dowel-like tree with cauldron as the pot and witches hat as the topper. Different halloween motifs decorate the branches. Cresent moons on the side.  Clean and easy stitch. Primitive statement piece that would look great framed or as a photo album cover.

Can you believe we are past the half way point?  Lots more to discover on our way to the back cover.

Part 3 on it's way...

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