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JCS Halloween Collection - Let's See it Together - Part 3

So far, so great!  Now it gets a little sad because we are almost at the end of the bookazine. Still some wonderful designs ahead.

Page 56-57 Chapter pages for Halloween Treats

Page 58 - Bibbity Bobbity Boo (Glendon Place) 11"x12" 28ct linen. Ghost playing saxophone. Music notes on background. Interesting skeleton-like ghost. (on front cover)

Page 59 - Pumpkin Garden  (Plum Street Samplers) 9"x9" 36ct linen from Lakeside Linens. Harvest 1837 stitched atop of couple who are along a fruited tree. Quick sampler-type stitch. Wonderful for autumn exchange.

Page 60 - Frank-in-Stitches (Mosey 'N Me) 10"x10" 32ct Belfast Linen.  Coloful patchwork-like Frankenstein. Looks a bit robot-like.  Cool stitch for Halloween.

Page 61 - Candy Corn Buddy (Flowers 2 Flowers) 4"x4" 14ct perforated paper.  Your basic candy corn with a friendly face.  Very cute and adorable stitch.  Simple, little beading involved. Happy camper.

Page 62 - Penelope Pumkpin Witch (Brooke's Books Publishing) 6"x5" and 5"x3" perforated paper used. Pretty "good" witch. Intermediate stitching ability, beading, attaching ability needed. 

Page 63 - Trick or Treat Stocking (Olde Colonial designs) stocking from Olde Colonial Designs. Classic Treat or Treat design with pumpkin on a flap piece of linen.  Very elegant as an exchange piece.

Page 64-65 Scarecrow's Jack-o-Lantern (Tempting Tangles Designs) 10"x10" 32 ct linen.  Friendly scarecrow holding Jack-o-Lantern with crows around.  Sweet design.

Page 66 - Chapter Break Spirited Banners

Page 68 - Trick or Treat (Martha Pullen Company) 10"x10" 30ct Weeks Dye Works Linen. Classic Treat or Treat on Purple background. Quick stitch for exchanging.  Also perfect for quilt block/

Page 68 - Boo Spider Web (Martha Pullen Company) 10"x10" 28ct Black Jobelan.  Simple backstiching for spiderweb.  BOO cross stitched in web. spider charm from Charland designs.... Voila... great for kids to learn stitching!!

Pages 69-71 Things that go Bump in the Night (Cross Point Designs) 18"x16" Black Aida from Charles Craft/DMC. Picture of Haunted Tree with Ghost behind it, pumpkins on the ground, tombstone against orange/yellow full moon. Just Another Button Company provided owl and bat buttons. Flowy design.

Pages 72-75 Recipe for a Magical Night (Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks) 17"x15" 32ct linen from Wichelt. The most talked about front cover design. Black caulderon with lots of colorful spirals coming out of it. Very coloful and Potteresque.

Pages 76-77 Chapter Pages for Ghosts of Halloween Past

These designs have already been published in earlier JCS Halloween issues and possibly Fall issues. 
I don't have them readily available to check where the designs first appeared.  I will list designs in page order.

Page 78  Pumpkin on Gingham (The Sweetheart Tree) Pumpkin, leaves and vines on gingham.
Pages 78 -79  Batty (monsterbubbles) Bat, beaded edging on sides.
Page 80 Halloween Pumpkin Ornament (Jeanette Douglas Designs) Pumpkin with spiders, leaves, vines.

Page 81 Trick or Kitty Treat (Brittercup Designs) Line design of black cat on pumpkin staring at button spider.

Page 82 Boo (Charland Designs) Boo in black letters O's like eyes looking at spider.

Page 83 Boo Pumpkin (Homespun Elegance) Primitve cat with pumkpin underneath with Boo written on it and pumpkin on its arched back carrying star pumpkin button from its mouth.
Page 83 Night Owl (The Prairie Schooler) Black Owl on tree branch with black crescent moon alongside.

Page 84 Happy Jack (Knotted Tree Needlearts) Happy Jack-o-Lantern with colorful block border. Companion to Fraidy Cat on page 40.

Page 85 Trick or Treat Bee (Mosey 'N Me) Cat with bumblebee costume on carrying a pumpkin treat caulderon.

Page 86 Smell My Feet (La-D-Da) Very popular Witches boots with green stockings and Trick or Treat written in background.

Page 87 Mr. Bones (SamSarah design Studio) Classic Skeleton holding a pumpkin treat bag on perforated paper.

Page 88 Spooky Tree ( Elizabeth Designs) Haunted Tree with two pumpkins on either side, bat uttons flying above.

Page 89 Autumn Stars (Blackbird Designs) Country look, barn with stars on the left side.

Page 89 Boo Whoo? (Raise the Roof Designs) Cutsie owl on a brach with Boo Whoo? written on its belly.

Page 91 Halloween spot Motif Shoe (Prairie Moon) Green witches boot with Halloween motifs: skeleton, worm, spider, bat, moon, star, pumpkin.

Pages 92-96 Tomstone Angel (Carriage House Samplings) Primitive tombstone design of Susanna Goose's resting place. Sampler look.  Dates, crows, leaves.

Page 97 Stitch and Finishing Iinstructions

Page 98 Where to Find It.

There you have it, the first JCS Halloween Collection edition.  It was a true treat sharing my first looksie with you.  I think that all of the designs were treats, no tricks there.  Fabulous collection through and through, something for everybody and for every skill set.

As for my top three favorites.....
1. Haunted House - Sharon Pope - Page 46
2. Halloween Wreath - Sharon Pope - Page 32
3. Wicked Night - A Primitive Hare

Hope that you had as much fun as I did, please comment to let me know what you thought of the magazine.
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