Friday, December 30, 2011


2011 is coming to a close and it has been good to us.  We have met many friends and supporters through our blog.  You have welcomed us warmly and that is what keeps us going.  Your loyal readership and comments are very uplifting.  We thank you for your hospitality and bringing us into your stitching lives.

2012 promises to be a wonderful year!  We will continue to have spontaneous giveaways with a twist, stock more of your favorite supplies and designers to offer you a variety of choices, and share with you the most popular and trendy items.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone here and we sincerely thank you for sharing our blog with your friends on your blog roll.

Wishing you and your family a fabulous New Year!!

xxx Stitch with us in 2012 xxx
Thomas and Maria
Your Stitcher's Market Team

Thursday, November 24, 2011


The Stitcher's Market wishes Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends!  For our international friends, we wish you a wonderful weekend full of stitching activity.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving and harvesting new stitchy ideas to bring to you this holiday season.

Feel free to email us or leave a comment to this post.  We LOVE hearing from you and reading your comments.

Gobble, gobble....
Thomas and Maria
The Stitcher's Market Team

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


They are so pretty.  I'm still speechless. 

First off, they are nothing like the pictures I have seen on-line.  The colors are vibrant yellow, orange, red, very light tan flower petals against a deep navy blue backdrop. Truly stunning.  Since I don't think my description does it justice, here is a picture.

Regular price: $44.00
Our Sale Price through Oct. 8th 
 $39.95 (plus shipping)

The only other item that I noticed is that Tessa comes in a clear plastic case with the leather sheath.  It does not come with the tin that we have come to expect.

We have them on sale through Oct. 8th.  At this time, we are OUT OF STOCK and will be placing a reorder on Oct. 8th.  They are so pretty that we barely had a chance to take a picture of them, before they were gone.

If you pre-ordered your scissors with us, please check your email for your scissors shipping information.

Thank you choosing us for your stitching needs.  We appreciate your trust and look forward seeing you again.

Happy snipping!!
Thomas and Maria


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rudolph is Coming to The Stitcher's Market

For the past couple of years our Christmas decorating has had reindeer ornaments incorporated into it bit by bit. Whether it be Hallmark ornaments or Target ornaments, if it was a reindeer it came home.

So when we saw Rudolph from designer Sandra Vanosdall of The Sweetheart Tree  we knew we wanted him to visit this Christmas.  He is so adorable, his face is full of such personality. It was love at first sight.  Then we found out he has friends!!  Well, of course, he is a well-behaved reindeer how could he not have North Pole pals??  His pals are Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, and Snowman, all pictured below. They all come with the little snowflake button.

Rudolph & Mrs. Claus
c. The Sweetheart Tree
Price: $9.00

Snowman & Santa
c. The Sweetheart Tree
Price: $9.00

All of them are quick stitches for the holidays.  Great for Christmas exchanges when time is short and you need a cute project.  You can stitch these on a breadcloth or a Christmas tablerunner, or even a corner of a placemat.  Perfect for a larger Christmas afghan project. If you wanted you could frame them all together or make a pillow with all four on it.  These cute designs lend themselves to so many projects.

Our new blog project is to create an IN STOCK page.  That will make it easier for you to see at one quick glance what pretties we have ready to ship,

Thanks for letting us share our excitement with you. 

Stitch happy!!
Thomas and Maria
The Stitcher's Market Team

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LANARTE kits coming soon!!

Can you hear us jumping up and down for joy??  Soon LANARTE cross stitch kits will be coming through our doors!!!!

Do you have any favorites?  Let us know.

Hope that many of you enjoyed my review of the JCS Halloween Collection Bookazine.  Next time I will be sure to put pictures in it. 

How is the Halloween stitching coming?  I still have to find a couple of projects to start.  Which ones are you stitching?

We really enjoy hearing from you!  Your comments make our site worthwhile.  Drop us a note just to say "Hello" or let us know what you are looking for, or give us tips on what you wish to see on our site.  We are a young shop looking to serve your needs.

Friendly stitches to all!
Thomas and Maria

Thursday, September 1, 2011

JCS Halloween Collection - Let's See it Together - Part 3

So far, so great!  Now it gets a little sad because we are almost at the end of the bookazine. Still some wonderful designs ahead.

Page 56-57 Chapter pages for Halloween Treats

Page 58 - Bibbity Bobbity Boo (Glendon Place) 11"x12" 28ct linen. Ghost playing saxophone. Music notes on background. Interesting skeleton-like ghost. (on front cover)

Page 59 - Pumpkin Garden  (Plum Street Samplers) 9"x9" 36ct linen from Lakeside Linens. Harvest 1837 stitched atop of couple who are along a fruited tree. Quick sampler-type stitch. Wonderful for autumn exchange.

Page 60 - Frank-in-Stitches (Mosey 'N Me) 10"x10" 32ct Belfast Linen.  Coloful patchwork-like Frankenstein. Looks a bit robot-like.  Cool stitch for Halloween.

Page 61 - Candy Corn Buddy (Flowers 2 Flowers) 4"x4" 14ct perforated paper.  Your basic candy corn with a friendly face.  Very cute and adorable stitch.  Simple, little beading involved. Happy camper.

Page 62 - Penelope Pumkpin Witch (Brooke's Books Publishing) 6"x5" and 5"x3" perforated paper used. Pretty "good" witch. Intermediate stitching ability, beading, attaching ability needed. 

Page 63 - Trick or Treat Stocking (Olde Colonial designs) stocking from Olde Colonial Designs. Classic Treat or Treat design with pumpkin on a flap piece of linen.  Very elegant as an exchange piece.

Page 64-65 Scarecrow's Jack-o-Lantern (Tempting Tangles Designs) 10"x10" 32 ct linen.  Friendly scarecrow holding Jack-o-Lantern with crows around.  Sweet design.

Page 66 - Chapter Break Spirited Banners

Page 68 - Trick or Treat (Martha Pullen Company) 10"x10" 30ct Weeks Dye Works Linen. Classic Treat or Treat on Purple background. Quick stitch for exchanging.  Also perfect for quilt block/

Page 68 - Boo Spider Web (Martha Pullen Company) 10"x10" 28ct Black Jobelan.  Simple backstiching for spiderweb.  BOO cross stitched in web. spider charm from Charland designs.... Voila... great for kids to learn stitching!!

Pages 69-71 Things that go Bump in the Night (Cross Point Designs) 18"x16" Black Aida from Charles Craft/DMC. Picture of Haunted Tree with Ghost behind it, pumpkins on the ground, tombstone against orange/yellow full moon. Just Another Button Company provided owl and bat buttons. Flowy design.

Pages 72-75 Recipe for a Magical Night (Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks) 17"x15" 32ct linen from Wichelt. The most talked about front cover design. Black caulderon with lots of colorful spirals coming out of it. Very coloful and Potteresque.

Pages 76-77 Chapter Pages for Ghosts of Halloween Past

These designs have already been published in earlier JCS Halloween issues and possibly Fall issues. 
I don't have them readily available to check where the designs first appeared.  I will list designs in page order.

Page 78  Pumpkin on Gingham (The Sweetheart Tree) Pumpkin, leaves and vines on gingham.
Pages 78 -79  Batty (monsterbubbles) Bat, beaded edging on sides.
Page 80 Halloween Pumpkin Ornament (Jeanette Douglas Designs) Pumpkin with spiders, leaves, vines.

Page 81 Trick or Kitty Treat (Brittercup Designs) Line design of black cat on pumpkin staring at button spider.

Page 82 Boo (Charland Designs) Boo in black letters O's like eyes looking at spider.

Page 83 Boo Pumpkin (Homespun Elegance) Primitve cat with pumkpin underneath with Boo written on it and pumpkin on its arched back carrying star pumpkin button from its mouth.
Page 83 Night Owl (The Prairie Schooler) Black Owl on tree branch with black crescent moon alongside.

Page 84 Happy Jack (Knotted Tree Needlearts) Happy Jack-o-Lantern with colorful block border. Companion to Fraidy Cat on page 40.

Page 85 Trick or Treat Bee (Mosey 'N Me) Cat with bumblebee costume on carrying a pumpkin treat caulderon.

Page 86 Smell My Feet (La-D-Da) Very popular Witches boots with green stockings and Trick or Treat written in background.

Page 87 Mr. Bones (SamSarah design Studio) Classic Skeleton holding a pumpkin treat bag on perforated paper.

Page 88 Spooky Tree ( Elizabeth Designs) Haunted Tree with two pumpkins on either side, bat uttons flying above.

Page 89 Autumn Stars (Blackbird Designs) Country look, barn with stars on the left side.

Page 89 Boo Whoo? (Raise the Roof Designs) Cutsie owl on a brach with Boo Whoo? written on its belly.

Page 91 Halloween spot Motif Shoe (Prairie Moon) Green witches boot with Halloween motifs: skeleton, worm, spider, bat, moon, star, pumpkin.

Pages 92-96 Tomstone Angel (Carriage House Samplings) Primitive tombstone design of Susanna Goose's resting place. Sampler look.  Dates, crows, leaves.

Page 97 Stitch and Finishing Iinstructions

Page 98 Where to Find It.

There you have it, the first JCS Halloween Collection edition.  It was a true treat sharing my first looksie with you.  I think that all of the designs were treats, no tricks there.  Fabulous collection through and through, something for everybody and for every skill set.

As for my top three favorites.....
1. Haunted House - Sharon Pope - Page 46
2. Halloween Wreath - Sharon Pope - Page 32
3. Wicked Night - A Primitive Hare

Hope that you had as much fun as I did, please comment to let me know what you thought of the magazine.
I loved sharing my time with you and please feel free to share my comments via link to my blog on your blogs.  I appreciate your comments and links.

My review and thoughts are copyright reserved.... The Stitchers Market c. 2011... please only link to this entry and to the two prior to it if you wish to share it with your friends.

We still have a couple of collections left, if you wish to purchase them at $16.00 each plus shipping.

Have a great evening!  Please come back soon!

Your friends,
Thomas and Maria

JCS Halloween Issue ... Let's see it together Part 2

I'm back.  A couple of hours after they came through the door, all of our orders are on their way to their new owners. I had lots of fun, putting them in the envelopes, since they have been prepared for a while.  Hubby took them to the post-office and soon our friends will be just as happy as I am right now.

So, let's see some more.... I promise, I didn't peek ahead....

Page 36-37 Chapter Pages for "A Spooky, Ghouly, Hair-Raising Night

Page 38  Count Black Heart (Jenmini Designs) 10"x10" Ornament size stitched on black Lugana. Count Dracula in purple, red, green and black floss with black cat button.

Page 39 The Witch is In (Cherished Stitches) 8"x9" on 35ct Weeks Dye Works.  Simple letter stitching.  Quick stitch, 4 purple bats.

Page 40 - Fraidy Cat (Knotted Tree Needleart) 9"x9" 30 ct linen from R & R Reproductions. Black cat, arched back . Block border.  Great for a quick stitch.

Pages 40-41 Double Trouble - (The Victoria Sampler) 8"x6" 28 ct linen from Zweigart.  Jack-o-lantern with two mice around it and a spider swinging from thread connected to spiderweb.

Page 42 - Ms. Blue Moon (Charlette's Collectibles) 8"x11" 14ct clear plastic from Yarn Tree.  Green witch, purple & orange witches hat beaded hair.  Classic Halloween witch, wart and all.

Page 43 - Halloween Cat (SamSarah Studio) 4"x4" perforated paper.  Classic black cat/ Perfect for quick ornament exchange.

Page 44 - Pumpkins Everywhere (The Prairie Schooler) 10"x10" Black Aida. 10 Jack-o-lanterns in a block formation against black bacground.  Perfect for quick ornament exchanges.

Page 45 - The Witch is Me (Amy Bruecken Designs) 12"x10" Putty linen from Weeks Dye Works.  Witches bust, green face, striped black and purple witches hat with a pumpkin on it.  Uses DMC Memory Thread. (cool accent).

Pages 46-49 Haunted House (Sharon Pope) 18"x16" stitched on Picture This Plus. Snapshot of a Haunted House complete with tombstones on the lawn, haunted tree, spooky ghost, owl, witch on a broom, bat, black cat, black crow and mysterious eyes in the tree against the backdrop of a full moon.

Page 50-51 Eyeball earrings (Casey Buonaugurio Designs) 5"x5" 28ct Monaco from Charles Craft / DMC.  Two green eyed monster eyeballs with chrome bottle cap pendants as the background.  A sure conversation starter at a Halloween party.

Pages 52-55 October Feather Tree (Not Forgotten Farm) 16"x14" 18ct. white Aida from Zweigart.  Primitive dowel-like tree with cauldron as the pot and witches hat as the topper. Different halloween motifs decorate the branches. Cresent moons on the side.  Clean and easy stitch. Primitive statement piece that would look great framed or as a photo album cover.

Can you believe we are past the half way point?  Lots more to discover on our way to the back cover.

Part 3 on it's way...

JCS Halloween Collection - Let's look at it together.... Part 1

Well worth the wait.  Incredible collection!!  I can't help myself but to look at it and think WOW!! From that WOW, comes my personal, unsponsored, unpaid objective review.  These are my views. (insert all disclaimers here). I am going to be as unbiased as I can be.  Let's look at it together, shall we.....

The 98 page collection is filled with trees, goblins, witches, owls. spiders, crows, pumpkins, Frankenstein and all other creatures found in a Halloween night.
Pages 2-3 have the Contents, Editor's note and credits. Highlited designs, Penelope Pumpkin Witch(Brooke's Book's Publishing), Candy Corn Buddy (Flowers 2 Flowers), Ghosts (The Stutchworks), A Spirited Mandala (Ink Circles), and Halloween Wreath (Sharon Pope).

Pages 6-8 Spirited Mandala (Ink Circles) stitched on Voodoo linen from Picture This Plus.
Pumpkins, ghosts, gates, moons, haunted trees, crosses, all stitched in black against a very pretty hand-dyed pumpkin colored linen that looks a bit like an orange sunset. 

Pages 9-11 Wicked Night (The Primitive Hare) It's the headless horseman on stretched out horse.  Very interesting take.  Easy stitch, one color on Legacy Linen.

Pages 12-15 Boo to You (Praiseworthy Stitches) Trio consisting of Needlebook, Tin and spider pincushion with a felt bag. Motifs of a black cat with pumpkin, ghost, hee hee stitched on Picture This Plus linen.

Pages 16-17 Chapter Pages for Double Double Toil and Trouble section.

Page 18 Babs and Boo  (Fresh Threads Studio) Ornament size 10" x 10" on Picture This Plus fabric.  Patchwork-like witches hat with ghost on a spirals and block background.

Page 19 Scaredy Cat  (Blue Ribbon Designs) Ornament size 10" x 8" stitched on Weeks Dye Works linen. Black cat on a Jack-o-Lantern with bat flying above. (seen on cover).

Page 20 Treats Bag  (Val's Stuff) Ornament sized 9"x9" stitched on Weeks Dye Works Linen. Happy, half pumpkin sitting on the word "TREATS" with purple all-around stitched border. (seen on cover).

Page 21 Halloween Cat Tree (Brittercup Designs) Ornament size 10"x10" Triangle shaped. Outline of black cat laying on floor, body and tail are the center of tree.  Green and orange branches with jack-o-lantern tree topper stitched on Queen Anne's Lace. (seen on the front cover).

Page 22 Ghost (Sue Hillis Designs) Ornament size 9"x9" stitched on Jobelan. Circle shaped. Bird house with ghost hiding behind it. Starry night with crescent moon.

Page 22 Halloween Owl (Casey Buonagurio Designs) Ornament size 8" x 8" stitched on Black Belfast linen. Colorful owl against dark background, checkered body, big cute eyes. (seen on cover)

Page 23 Ghosts (The Stitchworks) Heart shaped ornament 10"x10" stitched on Mountain Mist Linen.  White ghosts and bat against black stitched background.

Pages 24-25 Knock Knock (Blackberry Lane Designs) 9"x8" wallhanging stitched on Picture This Plus fabric. Black crow atop a Jack-o-Lantern being sniffed out by two mice. Easy stitch, one color on pumpkin colored fabric.

Pages 26-28 Witchy Tea (Gail Bussi) 13x 15" stitched on hand-dyed chai tea Jobelan from Wichelt. Witch Teapot, Frankenstein, pumpkins, ghosts and bats "Brewing up a cup of witchy tea".

Pages 29-31 Happy Halloween (The Sunflower Seed) 12"x11" on R & R Reproductions Fabrics. Big pumpkin with Happy Halloween written on it.  Classic take. (seen on cover).

Pages 32-35 Halloween Wreath (Sharon Pope) 16"x15" design stitched on Picture This Plus fabric. Composition of two pumpkins, Frankenstein, ghost, black cat, bats, witch, spider and spiderweb all on on a wreath. Colorful and interesting. More advanced skills used.
Let's get a cool drink and come back in couple of minutes.  Do you have a few favorites already? I sure do!!

See you soon...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall Stitching is Almost Here

End of Summer / Fall Stitching:

Can you believe it?  It is the middle of August already. Some schools are already open for classes and soon, very soon Halloween decorations will be going up.  Summer has flown by so quickly this year.

Are you ready for Fall stitching?  In a couple of weeks the JCS Halloween Magazine will be here and stitchers will be showing their WIPS and ornies for all to see.  That for me is the best part.  Seeing the designs come to life and the creativity in finishing techniques.

Quilting and Sewing Notions

Our passion for quilting and accessories has only grown the past few months.  Accuquilt is creating quite a stir with their Accuquilt Go! Baby and for a stitcher who can't cut a straight line with a rotary cutter (that's me!) the Accuquilt is very enticing.

So, what do you think about the Accuquilt Go! Baby and their line of dies?  Please let us know. 
We may decide to pick up a few of them for the shop, but want to hear UNBIASED reviews from stitchers / quilters like you.


If you haven't pre-ordered your JCS Magazines yet, the PRE-ORDER sale is still on for a few more days!

Thanks for dropping by!
Thomas and Maria

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Here is the cover of the NEW 2011 JCS CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS issue!
Doesn't it look fabulous???

Regular Price: $8.00
Sale dates: August 9th 2011 thru - August 26, 2011

 Magazine is due to ship mid-September and we can't wait to see it.

76 beautiful projects to stitch or just to collect. Perfect for smalls stitching, and that little something to send to your stitching buddy. 

So now you see this beautiful magazine, the JCS Halloween Magazine that is also due out in Sept. and Tessa, the Gingher scissors that are in demand, and you feel that they may sell out before you get a chance to save up to order them (because they always do).  Even I have had that happen to me, and it is no fun.

We are here to help you!  Here is how, (especially if you are overseas and the postage costs are just overwhelming).  We understand, really we do.

Here is how we save you money! Easy as 1-2-3!!

1.  Pre-order your items at great savings through August 26th, 2011.
2. We hold your pre-ordered items until all of them come in for postage savings for you!

Most of the items fit into one Flat Rate Priority Mail envelope.

3. Receive a 15% discount coupon toward total before shipping on your next future puchase.
(15% discount applicable toward total before shipping. Coupon valid October 1 - November 30, 2011.)

There you have it!  We can save you cash when you buy stash!!

Share this sale with your friends and save them some money too!!

Please note: due to copyright laws, we do not accept returns on magazines or cross stitch charts or anything that can be copied, or electronically scanned.
We love to hear from you.

xx Happy stitches xx
Thomas and Maria 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Halloween is coming! Sooner than we think, the leaves will turn in the Northeast and pumpkins will be everywhere. Goblins, ghosts and superheroes will line the streets asking for treats. Stitchers will select their Halloween exchange projects and we are here to help.

Almost every stitcher knows that Just Cross Stitch has a NEW HALLOWEEN COLLECTION 100-page publication about to hit the shops early September.  JCS has published the pictures shown below of the upcoming publication on its site. We have placed our order, so we are sharing their pics with you.

Retail Price: $16.95
OUR PRE-ORDER PRICE: $15.50 (plus 2-day USPS shipping)
PRE-ORDER 2 or more copies at $15.00 each (plus 2-day Priority)
SALE DATES 8-6-2011 thru 8-25-2011
(NY residents pay sales tax as applicable by law)

We want to have enough for everyone so we are having
a PRE-ORDER sale.  Believe us, we know how it feels when an item you really want sells out at a price you really like.  Whether your budget is tight or you need to buy multiple copies for friends we have a great price for you!

Here is the FINE PRINT:

1. Email us with HALLOWEEN MAG PRE-ORDER on the subject. Give us your name, address, and email address so we can confirm your order.

2. PRE-ORDER 2 or more copies at the price of $15.00 each (plus Priority 2-day shipping)!

3. Shipping is extra. Due to the weight of magazine, we believe it will be USPS Priority Mail. 

4. We ask you to honor your pre-order request.

5. We will place your pre-order on August 26, 2011.  We expect to have them available early September when JCS ships.

6. At this time we accept money orders, PayPal, and Credit Cards through Paypal.

7. PRE-ORDER SALE ENDS 8-25-2011

Let your friends know about our great deals! 
We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to serving your Halloween stitching needs.
In stitches,
Thomas and Maria

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


From the minute that we saw them, we knew we had to have them.  They are so colorful and vibrant.  We've got the jeweltones, the fairytale tones, the pale tones, the warm tones..... we got them all, we just couldn't help ourselves. What are we talking about? 

Overdyed Embroidery Floss. 100% Egyptian cotton
6 ply 8.7 yards (8m) colorfast

All 30 colors available!
Regularly $1.00 USD each

Puchase one full set (all 30 colors) for $25.00 USD plus shipping

But we couldn't stop there. Those beautiful colors need a fabric to show them off. So along with them, we chose a gorgeous country French linen. It's soft and cuddly.

28 Count
(close to DMC 822)


One full yard (36" x 55" ) $56.00 USD plus shipping
Fat Half  (27" x 36") $30.00 USD plus shipping
Fat Quarter (18"x 27) $15.00 USD plus shipping
(limited quantities in stock. we will place special orders thru 31July if we run out.)

Please let us know what you are looking for and if we can, we will help you find it. 

Interested in any of our blog specials?  Want to see some of your favorites as a blog special?  Email us or leave a comment on this entry.  We will answer any questions. 

Share these blog specials with your friends!  Help us grow so we can keep our blog special prices low.
These blog specials are good now through July 31, 2011.  Our shipping rates are extremely reasonable, no handling costs.  ** NY residents, please add sales tax**

You can follow us on Facebook. We love to see our friends there!

Colorful stitches to all....
Thomas and Maria

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Well, this was a lot harder than I thought it would be because everyone was so wonderful and positive that I just could not just give one item away.  That is why, it took a while for me to get back to post.

I am so appreciative of your support and your good wishes that I wanted to give back to the group that has given me such a warm welcome.  Because many followers are Lizzie Kate Lovers (obviously, that was the theme LOL), we decided to keep with the Lizzie Kate Summer theme.  (One kit, one chart, 2 pieces of fabric as prizes.)


Kthomas_sc (entry # 208) BLOG FOLLOWER

Sarah (entry #61) BLOG FOLLOWER

Roksana  (entry # 45) 
Ladies please contact me at this blog post so that I may know you are aware of your prize.  You may email me or here with your private information.  

I will also post this on Facebook.

Thank you all for participating, it has been exciting for me and I am starting the search for the next item up for giveaway..... 

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!
Thomas and Maria

Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy Independence Day to all our USA readers!

We would like to celebrate this wonderful holiday by having OUR FIRST GIVEAWAY….. Yipee!!!

We racked our brains thinking what would be our perfect first giveaway… it had to be HOT, it had to be NEW, it had to be a QUICK STITCH and if it were a LIMITED EDITION that would be great…. We thought and thought and here it is:

Giveaway includes chart, 2 buttons, fabric & shipping

Open to all readers of this blog except for family members or employees of The Stitcher’s Market (we have no employees). No information given on this site or any of our other sites will be sold to anyone.  We value  and respect your privacy. 

Winner will be announced Saturday, July 9th at 9:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time USA) so everyone has a chance to enter. Winner will be announced on our blog.

1. Leave a comment on this entry along with a mention of how you learned of this giveaway and follow our blog = one entry

2. Share information of this giveaway on your blog (cut and paste information along with link to our blog) and receive an extra entry. (=one entry)
3. “LIKE” us on Facebook. We are The Stitcher’s Market on Facebook. (=one entry)

Maximum 3 entries per person.

The more people that find us, the more giveaways we will have and the better we will be able to serve you.

Enjoy your week!!

Good luck everyone! Thanks for stopping by!!
Thomas and Maria

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stitchers Are We, Computer Guru's We Are Not

It continues to be hot here and if you are like me, it gets even hotter when the computer does not read my mind.  I have been working on our Facebook page and our Blog all afternoon long and hoping that things are linking properly,  I really do need a Facebook for Dummies and a Blogger for Dummies book.  LOL.

So, I appeal to everyone reading this to follow us on Facebook,  THE STITCHER'S MARKET. We need your help to grow and let people know of our upcoming giveaway.  (Hint:  It is hours away).

As you can also tell, we need followers for our blog as well.  We welcome all who would like to follow us.  We appreciate every single person who clicks on our blog and reads about us.


We have received our shipment of Lizzie Kate's "Life's a Beach".  It is truly one of the cutest kits we have seen in a long time.  Wonderful for your Summertime stitching bag.  It's one of those projects that you can throw in your bag and take with you on your trip.  Great company keeper.  We love it.

Keep your eyes open for blog updates.  :::::  GIVEAWAY ::::: coming VERY SOON !!!!!

Stitch well friends......
Thomas and Maria

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summertime Stitching

It's a whopping 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside and we are melting!  To think that summer is about to begin officially puts us in the SUMMERTIME STITCHING frame of mind.

Our graphic designer is working with us to create a wonderful online shopping experience for all of us.  When you come to think about it, we want to be happy too, when we come to the shop.  It is an expression of us that you can see everyday.  Our personality is sure to shine through our sites.

These days, our afternoons are filled with viewing designers lines and decision making. While we do this, I notice how much my tastes have changed.  They are broader and tend to stray toward the limited editions.
We have always liked the cross stitch designs that Europe has had to offer, now the creativity coming from France is inspiring! We love France and its cross stitch deisgns. They are definitely going to be in the shop.

Our focus right now is Summer themed, but once July comes, we will be in Winter holiday mode and the followers of our blog will get first dibs on lots of holiday items coming into the shop. (Some great sales too.  Along with a couple of promotions).

So, keep your eye on this spot, follow us and watch for our GRAND OPENING SALES.

Happy summer stitching!
The Stitchers Market Team

Friday, May 27, 2011

Our First Post!! Yippee!!

Hello Everybody!

Here we are, Thomas and Maria typing our first post.  Are you as excited as we are??  Hope so, cause here we go....

Who we are:

Well. we are a Mom and Pop (yup, yup) who decided to go with our dream of opening up an online needlework shop focusing on knitting, crocheting, cross stitch fibers and accessories.  It's been a long time coming and right now we are working on getting the site started..

We will be at http://www.thestitchersmarket.com/ where you will find beautiful yarns from exotic places, along with cross stitch fibers that will give your stitched pieces the extra specialness that will make them heirlooms.

We are happy to be here and share with our friends what's new, what's hot, the classics and hip, plus everything else in between. 

So, follow us and watch this space.  We will bring you fun giveaways and our best sales!!

Happy Stitching!
Thomas and Maria
The Stitcher's Market Team