Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summertime Stitching

It's a whopping 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside and we are melting!  To think that summer is about to begin officially puts us in the SUMMERTIME STITCHING frame of mind.

Our graphic designer is working with us to create a wonderful online shopping experience for all of us.  When you come to think about it, we want to be happy too, when we come to the shop.  It is an expression of us that you can see everyday.  Our personality is sure to shine through our sites.

These days, our afternoons are filled with viewing designers lines and decision making. While we do this, I notice how much my tastes have changed.  They are broader and tend to stray toward the limited editions.
We have always liked the cross stitch designs that Europe has had to offer, now the creativity coming from France is inspiring! We love France and its cross stitch deisgns. They are definitely going to be in the shop.

Our focus right now is Summer themed, but once July comes, we will be in Winter holiday mode and the followers of our blog will get first dibs on lots of holiday items coming into the shop. (Some great sales too.  Along with a couple of promotions).

So, keep your eye on this spot, follow us and watch for our GRAND OPENING SALES.

Happy summer stitching!
The Stitchers Market Team

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